Grading machine. Tomatoes and peppers

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This Aweta KG 4-20+1 sorts by color, weight and optionally by size and is equipped with a Troodon system, which is recently updated to Windows 7 Matrix. The machine is suitable for flesh tomatoes and peppers.

Type G MV-C 4-20+1
Brand Aweta


Amount of lines 4
Amount of exits 20, semi automatic filling
Grading by weight By means of load sensors, Troodon sorting system
Grading by size Optionally available
Grading by color By means of a camera, Trodon sorting system
Suitable for Round tomatoes
Maximum capacity Approximatly 4000 kg per hour (depending of product)
Running direction of cups Right to left
Dimensions 21830 × 2400 mm (L x B)
G-cups 170 × 140 mm
Singulator Solid diabolos
Tables 800 × 700 mm (W x D)
Dump belt Included
Elevator conveyor belt Included
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, zero + earth, 50 Hz
Year of manufacturing 2007
Custom build possibilities Feeding belts, discharge belts and machine are fully customizable
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