The gable fan GV45

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HHB gas heaters and HHO oil heaters with open combustion produce CO2 as well as heat. This is a positive addition considering plants need CO2 for optimal growth.
However, too high a concentration of CO2 in the greenhouse can also be harmful for the crops. So it’s important that CO2 can be extracted. This is of course possible by keeping windows open for a longer period, but this is not always desirable in cold periods when heaters are on for a longer time and the CO2 concentration can accumulate to above the desired level. In this case, gable fans are the ideal solution.


- Available in 230V and 400V

- Available in 50Hz and 60Hz models

- Size of fan: 450mm

- Protection class IP54

- Fan blades made from coated steel plates


- Very reliable and reputable motor fan

- Thermal protection

- Easy to assemble

- Automatic start via a high CO2 signal from the climate computer

- Includes slats pack to prevent rain from getting in

MODEL: GV45 Series   1*50Hz 1*60Hz 3*50Hz 3*60Hz
Air displacement at 0Pa m3/u 5770 6525 4420 4090
Frequency Hz 50 60 50 60
Mains power Volt 230 230 400 400
Motor capacity Watt 350 425 160 187
Power consumption Amp 1.2 1.74 0.27 0.31
Rotational speed fan T p/m 1380 1545 1070 990
Weight Kg 12.5 12.5 12.5 12.5
Length mm 790 790 790 790
Breadth mm 625 625 625 625
Diameter Cm 45 45 45 45
Max. ambient temperature °C 55 55 55 55
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