Nitrogen plants Presscon

Delivery and maintenance of equipment from Presscon.

Our company is the exclusive representative of the Dutch manufacturer of Presscon equipment in Russia.

Presscon has more than 20 years of experience in the field of nitrogen generator applications. This installation allows you to get nitrogen from the air with a purity of 99%.
All equipment is certified on the territory of Russia (GOST certificate).

Upon request, we are ready to send to your address a contract for annual maintenance of these installations.

Expansion system of nitrogen formation.

As an example, the description of the installation type: VERNIT 3.0 N2i
The water is heated and discharged for storage in a vertical storage tank. The water level in the storage tank will rise, and the nitrogen pressure will also rise. If the pressure reaches 40 mbar, the exhaust valve opens. The maximum working pressure is 40 mbar. When the stored water is used to heat the greenhouse, the water level decreases. The nitrogen pressure also decreases. When the pressure reaches 10 mbar, the production and supply of nitrogen by the VERNIT monitoring device begin.

Power 3000 liters / hour. Concentrations of nitrogen up to 99%.


The vertical accumulator tank must be protected against excessive pressure and vacuum. The tank withstands a pressure of 56 mbar and a vacuum of 7 mbar. A layer of nitrogen over water protects the tank from rust. Nitrogen does not cause any damage to the steel tank, nor does it impair the quality of the water in the heating system of the greenhouse.

The PRESSCON safety valve opens at a pressure of 40 mbar. This is the maximum working pressure. There is a protection against overpressure at 50 mbar. Protection from vacuum: opens between 2 and 4 mbar.
The atmosphere inside the battery tank is filled with water vapor.
In case the outside temperature is below zero, there is a possibility of freezing the plate to the nozzle. To prevent the safety valve from icing, it must be in certain conditions. One option may be to maintain the water temperature inside the vertical tank above 45 ° C.

Nitrogen can be supplied in three different ways:

- Through the membrane
- With activated carbon by the principle of VPSA
- With activated charcoal according to the PSA principle

You can familiarize yourself with the possibility of supplying this equipment and spare parts to it in the CATALOG.

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