Double screening system

The shading system is one of the important components of the modern greenhouse, which influences the microclimate and ensures its economy. With shading, you can adjust the brightness, temperature and humidity.

The screen material is a special polyester fabric, in which strips of aluminum foil are woven. The material is designed for long-term operation. It allows you to repeatedly move and spread the screen without damage. Also the shifted screen has minimal dimensions, which gives a minimum of shading. We will advise you in the proper selection of the canvas.

Greenhouse complexes are equipped with horizontal and vertical screens. Horizontal shading, located at the top of the greenhouse, under the roof; Vertical shading covers the side glass of the greenhouse.

Using a double screen provides an improvement in the microclimate of the greenhouse. Thus, on warm days it is possible to avoid strong solar irradiation of plants and also to save considerably heat, especially in cold periods. Shading of production areas also creates favorable working conditions.

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