Irrigation system

One of the promising areas for improving irrigation technology in industrial greenhouses is the use of drip irrigation.

The principle of drip irrigation consists in supplying the required amount of moisture and nutrients directly to the root zone of plants, which makes it possible to provide optimal water-air and nutrient regimes of greenhouse soil (substrate), allows plants to individually obtain nutrients, increase yields, reduce water and fertilizer consumption, reduces the incidence of diseases and the possibility of spreading diseases.

The mortar unit is designed to prepare a nutrient solution of a given concentration (EC) and with the optimum pH value, by mixing two or more mother liquors and acid with water.

Quality and continuous mixing takes place in adjustable mixers. The computer monitors the parameters of the nutrient solution and maintains them at a given level.

The distribution network ensures a uniform supply of solution to each plant by means of a set of pipelines and droppers. The nutrient solution from the solution unit enters the main PVC pipeline. Further, through the control valves and solenoid valves controlled by the computer, the solution enters the dispensing pipeline laid along the edges of the greenhouse.

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