Heating system

As part of the turn-key project for glass greenhouses, we develop and supply modern, economical and reliable heating systems that consist of a heat exchanger that converts steam into hot water and a network of pipelines consisting of 4 heating circuits in greenhouses. Provision is made for heating the roof, ends, trays for draining precipitation, growth zone. The lower level of heating is a pipe-rail, serving simultaneously for the movement of carts for the collection of products.

For each client, all the elements of the system are calculated individually, based on our knowledge, experience, greenhouse design, culture, and the initial climate data received from the customer. In our calculations, the heating system takes a real difference in outdoor temperatures, which will ensure the performance of the entire greenhouse complex in any region.

Our systems are equipped only with the most reliable, time-tested boilers, burners, pumps, valves, pipes and other equally important parts that ensure a smooth, trouble-free operation with simple maintenance.

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