Supply of equipment

AGRO-EXIM implements turn-key projects for greenhouse complexes of various sizes and configurations for year-round growing of environmentally friendly vegetable and berry products, including for growing seedlings, salads and herbs.

Direct contacts with the factories - manufacturers allow in the shortest possible time to supply the necessary structures, materials and equipment to the customer.

The equipment we install in greenhouses is the most modern in the world, existing at the moment. It has high quality, reliability and efficiency.

The delivery is carried out taking into account the needs of the Customer, the market for the sale of products and the technical capabilities of the site.

According to the Dutch recommendations, the most effective greenhouse objects are complexes of 5 hectares, increasing proportionally. Thus, it is optimal to develop the project to 10, 15, ... 60 hectares and more.

An example of such a project can be downloaded from the link:

Cucumber 10 Hectare A4.pdf

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